This is The Age of the Selfie

Nowadays people are taking tons of pictures of themselves all day long. With over 41 million selfies posted online, not only are these photos taking over social media, they’re also increasing self-awareness. The result is a sharp rise in beverly hills based plastic surgery as people see themselves, flaws and all, plastered all over the internet. Suddenly their too big or misshapen nose seems larger than life and is no longer acceptable. It has to be tweaked because millions of people, friends and foes, can now see and judge them.


It’s a new reality in which the face and body with which you were born is now just a canvas to create what you want to become. People are no longer just people. Everyone is a brand. And making that brand look better in selfies has led to more than 10 million cosmetic procedures a year according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. No that’s not Joan Rivers and Lil Kim alone. It’s about one in every 30 Americans. The selfies seems to have taken plastic surgery out of the realm of entertainers into the public domain.

72nd annual Golden Globes


There’s nothing like seeing your twisted smile, uneven teeth, and mismatched breasts in hundreds of selfies to make you realize you may need to go under the knife and get some adjustments done. Not surprisingly, women are the ones getting over 90% of the cosmetic surgery, and breast augmentation is the most popular procedure being done. Apparently a lot of those naked selfies show sagging and one thing pointing north while another points south. Plus about half million people a year look at their naked selfies and quickly schedule liposuction and abdominoplasty.


They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Apparently when over 150,000 people a year look at their eyes in those selfies, they realize they need a little window dressing and opt for eyelid surgery. So actually the selfie has helped to make Americans more beautiful. For millions of selfie takers their close-ups make them want to throw up so they opt for a little, or a major, nip and tuck. Never have so many people done so much to transform their faces and bodies until the advent of the selfie. And this is only the beginning of the Selfie Era.


The combination of the selfie and the internet has given everybody the opportunity to create their own 15 minutes of fame. But millions are not satisfied with what their moment in the bright lights reveals. So it’s slice and dice to perfect what their parents and their god gave them. And plastic surgeons are smiling all the way to the bank.

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